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17.05.2003 - Episode 8

Saturday Night show

Here you can see the complete Show:


16.05.2003 - Episode 7

Friday's evening´s show A feature-packed show awaits you on Friday:

  • a travel report on the Thuringia Experience Day
  • Gambino from Mexico will be our studio guest for today
  • helpful tips on “how to get a woman in Ilmenau”
  • a report on the Theatre Workshop preparing their presentation for tomorrow
  • participant lectures from Wednesday
  • an explanation of what happened yesterday when the HSF interrupted our broadcast
  • yesterday’s dinner report which could not be seen due to the hostile takeover by the HSF
  • the Information Minister answers to the press
  • musical performances by our studio band and the Show Orchestra International will also find their way to our studio to perform live

Here you can see the complete Show:


15.05.2003 - Episode 6

Thursday's evening´s show will bring you reports on

  • the lecture by Prof. Dr. Gary Melton from the Humboldt State University in Arcata California
  • the participant lectures where the ISWI guests give impressions from their home countries
  • The hostile conquer of ISWISION watch clip
  • the workshop "Music" watch clip
and our Information Minister will be back for his daily propaganda. watch clip

Here you can see the complete Show:


14.05.2003 - Episode 5

Wednesday evening´s show

  • A report about yesterdays concert
    "Das blaue Einhorn" (the blue unicorn) - watch clip
  • Two more episodes of our
    funky speed creatures - watch clip 1 | watch clip 2
  • See what the press workshop is doing - watch clip
  • For the music freaks: orchestra international - watch clip
  • woodstock in ilmenau: Last nights open air - watch clip
  • You don't know where to buy beer
    after 8pm: the "büdchenguide" - watch clip
  • An little ISWI Lovestory - watch clip
  • Last but not least: A day in the life of a indian guy

Here you can see the complete Show:


13.05.2003 - Episode 4

Tuesday evening´s show will feature reports about:

The guests for tonight will be:

  • Timo & Genny
    Timo is a groupleader and Genny is a participant from Italy. Their group is called "Education - Democracy"

Furthermore our Studio Band will be appearing again as well as our Information Minister.

Here you can see the complete Show:


12.05.2003 - Episode 3

Monday evening´s show will feature the following reports:

Today we will also have studio guests joining us:

  • Bram Peeters, a dutch journalist
  • Roman and Dimitri, ISWI participants from Russia

Furthermore our marvellous studio band "G´schaftlhuba" will play live and last but not least, the information minister will entertain us with his daily propaganda.

Here you can see the complete Show:


11.05.2003 - Episode 2

Know what will be on today´s show with a periodical click on this heading from May 10th - 17th . Our shows will contain information about ISWI-activities, guests from all over the world, news and much more. That means it's all about and for you.

This evening's ISWIsion will bring you new reports containing

Furthermore there'll be interviews with ISWI-guests giving us their first impressions and experiences.

Here you can see the complete Show:


10.05.2003 - Episode 1

The first ISWIsion show was broadcasted on Saturday May 10 and featured the following reports:

  • an introductory guide around the campus of the TU Ilmenau
  • arrival of the guests at the train station and the check-in at the mensa
  • sports festival at the university sports field
  • the history of Ilmenau and its sights

Wolfram from the ISWI org team was our studio guest for the evening and DJ Crazy provided us with music.