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About ISWISION 2009


What is the ISWISION?


Two years passed and a new International Student Week of Ilmenau (called ISWI) is kicking-off soon! Once again about 300 students from over 70 nations are visiting Ilmenau to join the world's second largest international students conference. The intention of the event is to take a stand for tolerance, against xenophobia and for international friendship. The over-all topic is Human Rights and also the TV-coverage ISWISION is focusing on it.


For the 5th time, a dedicated ISWISION team, consisting of students who are interested in modern media and technology, is trying their best to cover the world's second largest international student festival and their unforgettable impressions in several television shows.


Besides daily news at the Studentenportal Ilmenau you can participate the special live-shows by public viewing at the universitys canteen via internet or campus cable (for more detailed information see below) and watch reports, interviews and  creative contributions of the participants.



When is the ISWISION?


The coverage of the International Student Week Ilmenau is taking place from May 9th - 16th , 2009 and presents their daily one-hour show at 7pm from a special studio- live and in English! Likewise you can follow the latest information at the Student portal and of course at the ISWISION-Homepage all around-the-clock!



Where is the ISWISION?


Especially for the occasion of the International Student Week and its coverage, the team has established a television studio at the first floor of the universitys canteen. It is lokated right across the ASC-entrance. The location for the stage direction is resided at the ground level (named aquarium or glass case) .


A 5x6 meter container module in front of the restaurant Grillstube, at the parking area, contains the video editing office of the ISWISION-Team. Furthermore there is public seating for interested viewers and audience.


To present you a media coverage not only with interesting contend but also with best technical equipment the studio is equipped with three studio cameras - including one steadycam - and one overview camera.



How can YOU watch the ISWISION?


There are four different possibilities for YOU to watch the reports, interviews and contributions of the ISWI:


First, if you prefer to be a front row viewer, join the public seating at the ISWISION-studio at the universitys canteen. Just be with us 30munites before the show starts. (The shows are starting each day at 7pm)

All shows are broadcasted furthermore via internet-stream.

In addition two more possibilities are to watch the ISWISION-team via DVB-T on channel 28 or per campus cable.


We hope you will enjoy this most significant event and have fun!

Former ISWISION shows