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15.05.2009 12:40 Age: 7 Jahre

ISWISION tonight

Today is the highlight of this year's ISWIsion. We have a talk show with special guests from all over the world and we will discuss the topic of the human rights right now. We will get an impression how the human rights are observed in the different countries. To hear many different opinions, we invited a lot of guests:

Satu Johnmary (journalist from Uganda)
Tameka Wilson (director of foreign affairs for the Jamaica Union of tertiary students)
Sajjad Sahbaei (Iran)
Junior Aba Etu (Cameroon)
Alex  Bension (Ukraine)
Carolin Wett (Germany)

The ISWIsion team is very excited and proud to present this event, which is hosted by Martin Fett. We hope we will get an interesting insight of the topic. For this occasion we provide you a special service: Additionally to the livestream on this website or as audience in the studio you can follow the show at the Mensa Terrace at 7 pm by "public viewing" with barbecue.
We look forward to see you there.

Sincerely yours,
The ISWIsion Team

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