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Welcome to the ISWIsion 2011

Here we go again! 

Open your eyes to watch the TV coverage of the International Student Week Ilmenau (ISWI) 2011!

To get the ISWI on air about 50 students of the TU Ilmenau - mainly members of the association FeM e.V. and among them its department iSTUFF (the students telestation of the TU Ilmenau) - do their best to bring to you unforgettable impressions of the ISWI. There will be a live-show every day at 7 pm featuring in-depth reports, interviews and other contributions that will be informative as well as entertaining.

So watch, experience and certainly enjoy the efforts of the ISWIsion-Team by public viewing at the purpose-made studio (located in the inner courtyard of the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ), via internet-stream, DVB-T on channel 26 or on campus-cable.

Enjoy and have fun!

ISWIsion News

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Thursday 19. May 2011
Coming up next: our big panel show

In abour half an hour the panel show of the ISWIsion 2011 will be aired. Look forward to see an interesting and informative discussion with guests from all over the world!

Monday 16. May 2011
Urgent press conference

At 1 pm we will hold an urgent press conference concerning the kidnap of Steve 'the tripod'. It will be broadcasted on the stream.

Sunday 15. May 2011
ISWIsion my ride!

Lucky winner! Our mate Haase took the first place the ISWIsion Tuning Competition 2011![more]

Saturday 14. May 2011
The ISWIsion is on!

This evening we aired the first show of the ISWIsion! It went quite well for the first show, but as was expected we encountered some more or less major problems. Hopefully we will erase them over the ISWIsion and we cannot wait to air the next show tomorrow evening!

Friday 13. May 2011
One day remains

Tomorrow we will air the fist show of the ISWIsion! Today we intend to finish the construction of the studio. And the first rehearsals for the shows are planned for this evening. This afternoon we will also film the first few segments for the show tomorrow evening, as the arrival of the ISWIs for example.

Thursday 12. May 2011
Construction - part 2

The construction continues on day 2 and we are all stressed out. We are doing as much as we can but there is still no end in sight. So cross your fingers that we make it in time and look forward to saturday when we will air our first show of the ISWIsion 2011!

Wednesday 11. May 2011
Under construction

Finally the construction of the studio has begun! The truss has been built up and the lights are already on it and right now we are moving all the needed equipment to the EAZ.

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