What is ISWI?

"ISWI" stands for "Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau" (Initiative for a World of Solidarity Ilmenau). It is a student association to foster tolerance, understanding among nations and an international attitute. Their biggest project is the "International Student Week Ilmenau" (shortened also "ISWI").

This year the conference is taking place for the 10th time. Once again about 400 students from over 70 nations are visiting our small town in Thuringia to join the second largest international student conference throughout the world. The intention of this year's event is to exchange opinions and experiences on freedom in all of its aspects. The over-all topic is Crossing Borders, which is also focus of the TV-coverage (ISWIsion). Find out more about ISWI and its ISWI organization on ww.iswi2011.org.

What is the ISWIsion?

ISWIsion is responsible for the TV coverage of the International Student Week in Ilmenau (ISWI). For the 6th time, the ISWIsion Team, consisting of 50 members of the students television broadcasting in Ilmenau iSTUFF, is covering the world's second largest international student festival in a daily television show. Being interested in modern media and technology the students of ISWIsion are providing live-shows full of exciting reports, interviews and creative contributions about the ISWI, its participants and Ilmenau.

You can follow all shows live via public viewing in the inner courtyard of the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum. If you can not make it to the shows, you also have the opportunity to watch via livestream, campus cable or DVB-T. Furthermore, iSTUFF offers daily news at the Studentportal Ilmenau (sPi).

When is the ISWIsion?

The coverage of the ISWI is taking place from May 14th - 21st 2011 and presents a daily show at 7pm from the EAZ studio- live and in english! Follow the latest information around-the-clock at the Student portal and of course at our news section.

Where is the ISWIsion?

Especially for the occasion of the International Student Week and its coverage, the ISWIsion-team has put up a television studio at the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ). The Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum is located on the Ehrenberg Strasse 29 and very easy to find due to a huge magnifying glas in front of it. Right across from the EAZ-entrance is the public viewing area. Find our studio in the first room on the left hand side next to the lobby in room 1337/38 and our stage direction in 1332. Easy to find so you cannot miss it!

What is iSTUFF and FeM e.V.?

iSTUFF stands for the student television broadcasting in Ilmenau and is one of the department of FeM e.V. . iSTUFF is a project where students have the possibility to get to know and practice all processes associated with Television. Find out more about the TV channel and its projects on www.istuff.de

FeM e. V. is a research community of electronic media at the Ilmenau University of Technology. It is the largest student society in Ilmenau with about 1800 members. Students can join different departments and projects to get to know and research in the areas of new media technology. You can find out more about FeM at www.fem.tu-ilmenau.de