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Welcome to the ISWIsion 2011

Here we go again! 

Open your eyes to watch the TV coverage of the International Student Week Ilmenau (ISWI) 2011!

To get the ISWI on air about 50 students of the TU Ilmenau - mainly members of the association FeM e.V. and among them its department iSTUFF (the students telestation of the TU Ilmenau) - do their best to bring to you unforgettable impressions of the ISWI. There will be a live-show every day at 7 pm featuring in-depth reports, interviews and other contributions that will be informative as well as entertaining.

So watch, experience and certainly enjoy the efforts of the ISWIsion-Team by public viewing at the purpose-made studio (located in the inner courtyard of the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ), via internet-stream, DVB-T on channel 26 or on campus-cable.

Enjoy and have fun!

ISWIsion News

Tuesday 10. May 2011
Work around the clock

The computers are working to capacity to get all the pre-produced segments ready in time. Tomorrow the construction of the studio and the public viewing area commence to get it all done until friday evening. Still we have a lot of fun and look forward to air the shows!

Sunday 08. May 2011

The technics team is busy working on the wiring diagrams and still playing around with the video mixer. Doing that they encountered one serious lack: the video mixer has got no heart shaped wipe!

Saturday 07. May 2011
The coutdown is on!

In 6 days the first show of the ISWIsion 2011 will be aired! The preparations are running at full speed, the production of segments is in full swing and the technics crew is giving their best to make all the preparations in time. We are happy und looking forward the ISWIsion and hope you do so, too!

Thursday 05. May 2011
Promotion, promotion, promotion!

The ISWIsion-posters, -flyers and -buttons have just arrived - so be prepared to see us everywhere! And if you don't, feel free to come to the FEM-Office, get a poster and post it at your favorite location![more]

Tuesday 03. May 2011
Editorial Meeting

We are busy right now finetuning the program of the ISWIsion to bring you interesting as well as entertaining shows. Expect a week full of great topics and stuff!

Friday 29. April 2011
2 weeks to go and so much to do

Hi folks, in two weeks time we will broadcast our first show of the ISWIsion. Right now we are in the middle of the preparations to give you the ultimate ISWI experience! Lots of things still left to do - so let's go for it!   [more]